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Your Questions, Answered!

Can I lose weight with all Diet Care memberships?
Our memberships are not limited to only a weight loss program or one type of health goal! With Diet Care, you can lose weight, gain weight or maintain your weight the healthy way, provided you follow your dietitian's instructions. We also provide memberships for diabetic care and to care for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Consult one of our expert dietitians to find the right membership for your health goals.  
Can I switch my lunch and dinner meals, so that I eat my dinner at lunch and my lunch at dinner?
Yes you can! But, make sure you are having only Diet Care meals. If you cheat on your diet by having other food, this will affect your results. To keep you committed, we recommend that you eat your meals during their selected hours. Keep in mind that whatever meal you decide to eat, always have it three hours before your bedtime!
What happens if I want to travel?
You can stop and resume so you don’t lose any days if you want to travel. Call Diet Care at 1 80 60 50, 48 hours prior to the day when you want to stop your membership. You can set a date when you want to resume in advance or choose to freeze the membership and call back whenever you are certain to be back. Keep in mind that you need to call at least 48 hours before you want to resume your membership.
Always remember, the biggest mistake is to eat 1-2 meals per day and forget your snacks. This is what most people do when travelling, so you should always remember to have three meals and two snacks. If you are staying at a hotel that serves buffet meals, make sure you choose one type of food instead of scooping a little of everything. Also remember to drink plenty of water and take the opportunity to walk to your destination. Since diet varies from one person to another, make sure you speak to your dietitian before you travel to advise you on the quantities and types of food you should have during your travel.
When will I get my meals?
Should you activate your membership before 5:00 p.m.: you will receive meals 48 hours after your activation time. 
Should you activate your membership after 5:00 p.m.: you will receive meals 72 hours after your activation time. 
The time you receive your meals depends on the area of delivery and the type of membership you’ve subscribed to. Call a customer service personnel at 1 80 60 50 for more details.
What can I drink with my Diet Care meals?
Water should be an integral part of your diet. In the American Dietetics Association’s report: “eating right means drinking right,” experts recommend that the adult female should consume nine cups of water a day and men up to thirteen cups a day. This amount might increase, depending on the person’s physical activity level, their muscle mass and the external temperature. If you love coffee and tea, then drinking moderate amounts between one to two cups per day is not harmful. Also consider having herbal drinks with your Diet Care meals. What not to have: refined, granulated, white sugar. Have your drinks sugar-free, but if you need to sweeten your drinks, turn to calorie-free artificial sweeteners. Say no to juices, whether they’re packed or fresh because they are very high in sugar and contain a lot of empty calories. Substituting juices with whole fruit will ensure you are having your servings of fruits in addition to fiber intake that is not found in juices. Whole fruits are more filling than juices and satisfy your hunger.
Will skipping meals help me lose weight faster?
Skipping meals, especially breakfast, can actually lead you to gain weight! Skipping meals will lead to the decrease in your basic metabolic rate, or your ability to burn down the food ingested, and instead will deposition it as fat. You are most probably going to overeat later in the day and late evening if you skip meals early in the day. The optimal way to lose weight is to have small meals every three hours comprising three main meals and two snacks.
Why is exercise important?
The only way that enables you to lose your fat percentage while preserving your muscle mass while dieting is following a proper exercise program. Exercise increases your basal metabolic rate and helps the body burn more calories, which results in a faster, healthier weight loss. In addition, exercise also improves your mood, your bone density, your energy levels, and your overall quality of life. To be healthy, diet and exercise go together!
What happens when I reach my target weight after completing a Diet Care program?
Reaching your target weight means you have changed your entire lifestyle! Instead of losing or gaining weight, now you have to start maintaining your weight. We have a dedicated program called "Lifestyle" that will help you maintain your weight. Your dietitian can also provide you with helpful guidelines to maintain your body weight on your own. Bear in mind that you should always have three main meals a day and two snacks daily, drink plenty of water, and keep on exercising 50-60 minutes for five times a week.
If I have a medical condition, can I still join Diet Care?
Of course you can. Our expert dietitians are highly qualified to consult and advise on nutrition for any medical case.
How many kilos will I lose in a month?
Unfortunately there is no exact amount for each membership. Weight loss depends on your commitment to the plan, your physical activity level, and the amount of weight you need to lose. A person that needs to lose 20 kgs will lose more weight in a month than a person who only needs to lose five! Nutritionally, the more frequent the diet, the more resistant the body becomes to it. With commitment to your Diet Care program, your minimum weight loss can be four kgs/month. We have witnessed a weight loss reaching up to 15 kgs a month, so commitment and motivation is key.
Am I going to lose my hair and have brittle nails while going on your diet?
No, Diet Care's plans are healthy, well-balanced plans that includes all food groups: grains, fruit, meat and beans, vegetables, and milk, which will provide you with all the nutrients necessary for healthy nails and hair.
What blood tests do I need when subscribing to a program?
We require a full blood test from a credited hospital or clinic in Kuwait. The full blood test that includes CBC + SMAC 20.
Why do you recommend blood tests?
Diet Care is more than just a weight loss center. We put health and well-being as a priority, and that is why we recommend blood tests. Through blood tests, we are able to evaluate your health condition and modify your plan accordingly.
What is the best time to weigh myself?
First thing in the morning after voiding and before breakfast. Weigh yourself once a week, but don’t get obsessed by doing it every day or several times a day. Weighing yourself too much leads to inaccurate results due to the amounts of water in your body. Trust the real difference you see in your body weight from week-to-week.
Can I eat all the meals at once?
No you can’t. Spread your meals throughout the day, even if the amount of calories you end up eating are the same. Having one big meal a day will cause you stomach discomfort and will slow down your metabolism causing your body to store the food you’ve eaten instead of burning it.
How many calories do I need to lose weight?
The amount of calories you need to lose weight is personalized. It does not suit everyone, so don’t recommend it to a friend or family member. The Diet Care recommendation to you is based on factors including your personal Basal Metabolic Rate, related to your age, weight, height, gender, and your physical activity level.
Do you have another question? Please call us on 1 80 60 50 or email us on info@thedietcare.com